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Hi, I am I-330. I am a Linux enthusiast, photography enjoyer, and a fancier of cute guys <3

I am a studying cybersecurity engineer, currently working in software engineering. I spend a lot of time tinkering with unix systems, and server hardware/software. I also enjoy reading about how we're all going to be killed by robots, government, or ourselves (feel free to read along with me). While I don't have a social media you can reach me at, you can always shoot me an E-mail (PGP). And hey, while you're here make sure to sign your name on my guestbook!


i330.dev January 2023 - Present Blog, Archive, and government psyop.
Web Radio October 2022 - Present Self-Hosted Internet Radio [Shouts to @h00]
Web Desktop February 2024 - Present Framework for building web desktops